Sanosil Badge
Introducing the Sanosil Badge

Being the only distributor for Sanosil® products in the UK, Water Treatment Products are proud to introduce the new Sanosil® badge. The Sanosil® badge represents that we are an official Sanosil® partner and an Authorized dealer. Sanosil® is...

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Aquatech Amsterdam 2017

Water Treatment Products will be visiting Aquatech Amsterdam 2017 31st October - 3rd November 2017. The water sector is undergoing major changes. Experience the latest solutions for today's challenges with all the experts in the field. During four...

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Water Treatment Products Submit Dossier for Biocidal Product – BPR deadline for 1.5% CMIT/MIT (Isothiazalone) products 1st July 2017.

The Water Treatment Products CMIT/MIT Product Dossier was submitted successfully to the European Chemicals Agency (ECHA) and the Health & Safety Executive (HSE) in the UK so we can continue to market this important group of biocides. Partnering...

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Introducing the new PoolLab® 1.0

Owning a pool comes with great rewards and a number of responsibilities. You need to be confident that the sanitiser concentration are at the correct levels and controlled for the health and comfort of your bathers. The disinfection...

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New Truck 2017
New Truck at Water Treatment Products

We are pleased to announce the delivery of a new 16 tonne DAF truck with 8.5 tonne payload for 12 pallets. The lorry has been built with a lower roof height for easier access; is non-branded to protect...

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