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We offer a wide range of water test kits (also known as drop test kits) developed and produced by our in-house chemists. Our water testing kits are designed to be used in a variety of environments, from chemists in a laboratory to engineers in the field. Our lightweight, durable cases with waterproof labelling allow our kits to be used in all types of conditions.

Water Treatment Products has been formulating and manufacturing chemicals to treat water for over a decade. These water quality testing kits allow you to see whether the dosage level of these chemicals is correct and can help you prevent damage to water systems such as corrosion or the build-up of scale.

Our water testing kit range includes:

We offer custom made labels on all of our test kits, allowing you to put your own brand on every test kit you purchase from us. Our in-house label printers produce high quality, durable labels that can withstand all types of weather.

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We now make it easier to test for the chemicals you purchase from us. Our Chemical Specific range gives specific instructions on how to measure for specific Water Treatment Products chemicals. This means:

  • No more reading from tables to try and find the sample size and titrant you need to use
  • Having the recommended dosage range stated in the kit
  • Having a test that you know has been tested on your Water Treatment Products chemical

This means that we can now provide an even more comprehensive service – not only providing you with our chemicals, but assisting you in testing for them!

When it comes to water treatment, quantity is just as important as quality. That's why it's vital to use the best water treatment pumps and equipment to control your processes safely and simply.  We offers a comprehensive range of dosage and control equipment to complement water treatment chemicals for a range of industrial, commercial and swimming pool applications.

Water Test Kits


Our extensive range of water test kits are available with 'Own Label' designs and we have a constantly expanding choice. Providing instant results, these convenient kits are supplied in high quality, water proof cases with straightforward instructions to make them easy to use and extremely portable.

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PrimeLab Photometer


We are the only UK distributor of the PrimeLab Photometer hand-held Bluetooth® device which is expandable and portable, developed for ultimate flexibility for use in a range of water systems.

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Dosage Control & Equipment


We offer a comprehensive range of dosage and control equipment to complement water treatment chemicals for a range of industrial, commercial and swimming pool applications.

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Solid Chemical Dispensers


Our range of 'own label' solid chemical dissolvers and dispensers are ideal for automatic treatment of boilers and cooling towers for use with our solid chemicals range of products.

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