Basic Single Parameter Test Kits


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WTP Single Parameter Test Kits


These dropper test kits are contained within a carry case and include weatherproof instructions, a sample pot, syringe and reagents for approximately 100-200 tests.

Parameter Range Code
Alkalinity 50-2400 WTPTK101
Bromine 0-15 WTPTK127
Chloride 25-2400 WTPTK102
Chlorine LR 0-10 WTPTK154
Chlorine HR 0-100 WTPTK116
Chlorine LR + HR 0 – 10 / 0 -100 WTPTK152
Chlorine Dioxide 0-100 WTPTK113
Copper 0-100 WTPTK189
Hardness (Total & Calcium) 0-1200(T) 0-600+(C) WTPTK104
Hydrogen Peroxide 5-150 WTPTK114
Isothiazalone 0-7.5 WTPTK123
M Alkalinity 50-2400 WTPTK103
Nitrite 25-1500 WTPTK106
Quat 12.5-300 WTPTK108
Sulphite 12.5-300 WTPTK108
Tannin 50-300 WTPTK109
Zinc 0-15 WTPTK110

*Please note that our PBTC test is used to measure product concentration rather than organophosphonate in the system being tested.

Comparator Tests

The contour comparator is contained within a durable and waterproof carry case containing weatherproof instructions and all the relevant reagents and equipment required to perform the test. Tablet reagents will perform approximately 50 tests, liquid reagents will perform approximately 100-200 tests.

Parameter Reagent Type Range (ppm) Code
Aluminium Tablets 0-0.5 WTPTK126
Chlorine LR Liquid 0-5 WTPTK115
Copper Tablets 0-5 WTPTK119
Iron MR Liquid 0-10 WTPTK118
Molybdate HR Liquid 0-100 WTPTK160
Phosphate LR Tablets 0-4 WTPTK137
Phosphate HR Tablets 0-100 WTPTK120



Individual units.


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