Isothiazolone Test Kit


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Our Isothiazolone kit includes all the equipment & reagents required to measure Isothiazolne within a range of 0-7.5ppm. The kit includes a sample pot and syringe to perform the tests; the reagents come in clear bottles so it is easy to see when replacements need to be ordered.

Replacement reagents can be bought separately or in Reagent Packs at a discount.

Places to monitor isothiazolone: Use this kit in systems to monitor the dosage of Isothiazolone when used as a biocide for microbial control.

Product Data

Reagent Product Code Product Description
DK1 WTPTKDK1 Isothiazolone Reagent 1
DK2 WTPTKDK2 Isothiazolone Reagent 2
DK3 WTPTKDK3 Isothiazolone Reagent 3
DK4 WTPTKDK4 Isothiazolone Reagent 4
DK5 WTPTKDK5 Isothiazolone Reagent 5
Reagent Pack WTPTK123RP All the replacement reagents for Isothiazolone



Our Test Kits can be ordered individually or in bulk. They can be delivered alongside your WTP Chemicals’ order saving you additional delivery charges. Next working day delivery only £8.49 (up to 20kg); mainland UK only.


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