Solid All-in-one Corrosion Inhibitor


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WTP CW295 is a very effective corrosion inhibitor for modern air conditioning chilled water systems, closed loop cooling systems and hot water heating boilers.

WTP CW295 contains:

  • sodium nitrite
  • buffers
  • a copper corrosion inhibitor


  • compatible with alcohol and glycol anti-freezes
  • easily applied
  • single solution treatment
  • provides economical waterside protection for mixed metal systems containing copper, brass and ferrous based metals


Physical State Solid
Colour Pale yellow


  • 1.25 kg WTP CW295 per cubic metre of water in system. (0.125% system volume)
  • Dose is added to closed systems by utilising a solids dissolver and dosing pump sized for the system volume and pressure.
  • A simple test procedure is available for control of WTP CW295, recommended normal concentration level is 800 – 1200 ppm of nitrite.


HANDLING Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions. WTP CW295 is alkaline and contact with skin, eyes and clothing should be avoided. In case of contact flush with water.


WTP CW295 treatments are shipped in 4 kg non-returnable jars.


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