Solid Chemicals

Water Treatment Products Ltd is the only UK manufacturer of Solid Chemicals. Produced in highly concentrated solid form which offers safety, environmental and operational benefits over equivalent liquid chemical products. They are used for the treatment of industrial boilers, cooling towers, cooling systems and closed loops.

Key Benefits of solid chemicals:

  • Reduced transportation and storage costs of solid chemical.
  • Employee safety benefits of solid chemistry
  • Improve manual handling with light weight pack sizes
  • Low maintenance
  • A range of Solids Dissolvers is available.
Product Title Product Name Product Information Pack Size Options Price Info
Solid Cooling Tower Halogen/Oxidiser Resistant Corrosion/Scale Inhibitor WTPHS4390 WTP HS4390 is a solid halogen/oxidiser resistant corrosion inhibitor designed for soft to medium hardness waters that have corrosion potential. Contains background scale inhibitors to protect against hardness slippage or over-concentration of system water. WTP HS4390 contains a synergistic blend of phosphonocarboxylate and sodium molybdate to provide excellent corrosion inhibition.… 5kg jars Request price View
Sulphite Oxygen Scavenger WTPSS1095 WTP SS1095 is a convenient to use solid oxygen scavenger recommended for the complete removal of oxygen from deaerator heaters, feedwater storage areas, feedwater lines, condensate return lines, boiler internals and closed recirculating water systems. PRODUCT DATA Physical State White solid DOSAGE 18 ppm of WTP SS1095 is required for… 6kg jars. Request price View

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