Starch and Potassium Iodide Paper

The Johnson Starch and Potassium Iodide Papers detect strong oxidising agents such as nitrous acid and chlorine. The test papers can also be used to control diazotisation.

Test papers are easy to use, simply take one strip and dip into the water sample. The strong oxidising agents react with the potassium oxide to form elemental iodine which then reacts with the starch to form a blue/violet complex indicating the presence of the oxidising agent used to treat the system.Starch-Potassium-Iodide-papers

The pack’s small size means strips easily fit in a pocket and removes the need to carry around a large test kit. These are a great accessory for any engineer/commissioner using oxidising agents to treat water systems.

Additional accessories are also available such as syringes and sample pots should they be needed when testing.

For more specific readings of oxidising agents in systems please see our full range of test kits.

Each pack contains 10 books of papers; 20 strips per book.

Next working day delivery only £8.49 (up to 20kg); mainland UK only.

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