Basic Single Parameter Test Kits

These kits include all the reagents and equipment to measure one parameter in a water system. These test kits can be used in a variety of industries to test water from a variety of different systems. Testing the levels of these different parameters in the water not only help in the prevention of costly damage occurring, it also helps you stay within the guidelines set out by the British Standards Institute concerning water.

Types of Water Test Kit

Drop Test Method

To calculate the concentration of a parameter using this method, you count the number of drops required from a dropper bottle before you see a colour change. Then you do a simple calculation using that number.

Comparator Method

In our kits we are using Palintest’s Contour Comparators as we have found them the easiest and most reliable to use. To calculate the concentration using this method, you add a reagent to a small sample of water, compare the colour change to that which is on the disc and simply read-off the number next to it.

Colorimetric Method

This is similar to a colorimetric method; however instead of comparing the colour using a disc and comparator, you use a colour chart that is in the instruction card/label.

Further information on single parameter test kits select a product title in the table below.

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Test Range Type
Alkalinity (P, M, OH) 80-2400ppm Drop
Bromine 0-20ppm
Chloride 25-2400ppm Drop
Chlorine Dioxide 0-100ppm
Chlorine LR 0-5ppm Comparator
Chlorine HR 0-100ppm Drop
DBNPA 10-150ppm
Hardness Total & Ca 0-1200ppm Drop
Hydrogen Peroxide  5-150ppm Drop
Iron MR 0-10ppm Comparator
Isothiazolone 0-7.5ppm Colorimetric
M Alkalinity 50-2400ppm Drop
Molybdate 0-100ppm Comparator
Nitrite 25-1500ppm Drop
Sulphite 12.5-300ppm Drop
Tannin 50-300ppm Drop
Yes/No Hardness Mini Kit Drop
Zinc 0-15ppm Drop


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