Friday 25th May: Olympic Torch passes Water Treatment Products Ltd

The Olympic Torch passed the doors of Water Treatment Products Ltd based in the town of Blaenavon in South East Wales on its way to Cardiff on the afternoon of Friday 25th May at the start of its five day tour of Wales.

Large crowds, including school children who had dressed up or wore special uniforms for the day, were treated to street entertainment while they waited for the procession to arrive and pass through Gilchrist Thomas Industrial Estate.

“Seeing the Olympic Torch was a once in a lifetime opportunity.” Said Alison Carter, a member of staff at Water Treatment Products.

In Wales the flame will pass through more than 80 towns, villages and cities from 25-30 May. A total of 8,000 people will carry the flame on its 8,000 mile, 70-day journey around the UK to the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on 27 July.

Deliveries from Water Treatment Products during the Olympics 2012.

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