Sanosil Badge

Introducing the Sanosil Badge

Being the only distributor for Sanosil® products in the UK, Water Treatment Products are proud to introduce the new Sanosil® badge. The Sanosil® badge represents that we are an official Sanosil® partner and an Authorized dealer.

Sanosil® is a versatile, simple, water disinfectant that can be used for effective biological control. Whether it’s for drinking water or within air-conditioning plants, in the pharmaceutical industry or on livestock farms, we have you covered!

The Sanosil® formula is based on a unique stabilisation process that blends hydrogen peroxide and silver to create a broad-spectrum solution for killing germs.

The Sanosil® formula has patents filed worldwide, and the efficacy of Sanosil® is endorsed by many customers worldwide and supported by over 200 independent tests and many government approvals.

Water Treatment Products are happy to help with any questions you have regarding Sanosil® and provide any product information you require.

For more information, please feel free to visit our dedicated Sanosil® section on our website or our UK Sanosil website

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