Jencolor Sensor

What is colour?

Colours, as the human eye perceives them, reach the eye in the form of waves.

Depending upon the length of the wave (wavelength -> measured in nm), we see different colours (see chart on the right).

The technology

Now imagine that your eye could detect only colours of a single wavelength, while e.g. just for pH testing (yellow/orange/red) you already need 175 different wavelengths.
Measuring many colours/parameters at a single wavelength is the system of conventional photometers.
If the colours differ too much from one another, as a makeshift a plurality of light sources, sensors or even filters are used. In all these cases the measurement is again limited to a single wavelength, which is clearly at the expense of accuracy.

Wavelengths of the Jencolor sensor

Colours and their wavelengths


The JENCOLOR sensor

The JENCOLOR sensor measures with a single light shot through the sample, the entire visible wavelength range (380 – 750 nm), making the PrimeLab the only photometer which is capable, with only one light source and one sensor, of measuring all the parameters with a visible colour (after adding a reagent). A real innovation!

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