March 2013: Benefits of Solid Chemicals Manufactured by Water Treatment Products

Water Treatment Products solid chemical products deliver many valuable benefits: they reduce your carbon footprint, improve safety for staff and customers, reduce your costs and deliver improvements in processes.

Our solid chemicals are produced in the United Kingdom at our manufacturing base in South Wales.  They are amongst the safest and most environmentally friendly chemicals for use in the cooling towers, cooling systems and in the treatment of industrial boilers.

Water treatment professionals have tried and tested the performance of Water Treatment Products solid chemicals and have confirmed the following benefits of using our solid chemistry over comparative liquid water treatment chemicals:

  • Ease of handling over heavy drums
  • Lower costs
  • Reduced chemical exposure to splash hazards, spills and pouring liquids
  • Own company labelling on products
  • Storage areas for empty drums no longer required
  • Improved environments performance and minimal waste
  • Reduced handling, warehousing and transport costs
  • Full technical support changing from traditional drums to solid chemistry
  • Range of wall mounted dispensers ideal for use in limited and difficult to reach spaces
  • Compatible with existing controllers, pumps and test kits
  • UK manufactured solid chemicals

Our in-house manufactured range of solid chemicals include formulations developed for treating cooling water system industrial boilers and closed loops together with performance bio-dispersants and penetrants. View full details of our range of solid chemicals and dispensers.

For further details on Water Treatment Products solid chemistry contact the team on 01495 792790 or email:

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