NEW Tracer Dye Technology in Pre-Commission Cleaning

Our New tracer dye technology offers a major step forward in pre-commission cleaning technology. WTP Tracer Dye enables contractors to accurately measure chemical cleaner levels as they are added to the system through initial circulation, to verify correct concentrations.

New trace dye technology has been formulated into Water Treatment Products highly popular and bestselling CL28 and CL27DRE.  Benefits include:

Instant on-site test method.

Accurately measures tracer dye product.

Verify full circulated liquid and accurately.

Bluetooth® friendly.

Allows immediate data log for audit trail for client and consultants.

Utilising PrimeLab photometer and its tracer adapter the results are stored electronically and transferred electronically using Bluetooth® (insert ‘R’) to either the engineers laptop or android mobile phone. The data can then be electronically transferred to clients, consultants and onsite engineers to verify and accredit the cleaning process.

For more details or for a visit for a demonstration of the dye tracer and PrimeLab photometer and its software with new trace dye technology please contact:

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