PrimeLab Software

Wireless connectivity via Bluetooth®

The PrimeLab is equipped with a Bluetooth® module and connects automatically with the user’s PC, in the same way as smartphones connect to a car kit.
In addition, the PrimeLab can be controlled by its own software, the “PrimeLab Desktop Assistant”.


The free “PrimeLab Desktop Assistant” software permits storage of address data (accounts) with information on the sample water origin (e.g. “50 m³ pool”).

Evaluations/dosage recommendations

Calculated water values, which are always assigned to “accounts”, can be managed historically, printed, compared and interpreted.
Additionally, the software recommends the dosage for the individual water treatment chemicals (if the details for which have been entered into the appropriate account), in order to restore ideal water parameters. The user can individually set the range of “ideal water values”, too, for each parameter.

  • Bluetooth® wireless connection
  • Management of test results
  • Creation of “accounts”
  • Your individual water treatment chemicals
  • Dosage recommendations
  • Update via mouse click
  • Remote control of the PrimeLab
  • Enabling additional parameters

Online Updates and subsequent activation of parameters

Via the “PrimeLab Desktop Assistant” software and an existing internet connection both the software and the firmware can be updated at the press of a button. Even if additional parameters are required at later date, this is very easily possible by purchase of a code and subsequent activation via the software.

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