Solid Chemicals

We manufacture our solid chemical water treatment range to the highest standard, in the UK. As the only UK manufacturer of solid chemical water treatments, we pride ourselves on producing the best quality solid chemical products available. Solid chemical treatments can be used in the treatment of industrial boilers, cooling towers, cooling systems and closed loops.

The solid state makes them easy to handle and more convenient than liquid chemical treatments. Solid chemicals are safer and easier to store than other chemical treatment methods, improving health and safety standards and maximising storage space. They are long lasting and just as effective as liquid treatments.

To learn more about solid biocides and solid corrosion inhibitors, browse through the categories below and click ‘view’. If you would like to discuss brominating tablets, please call our friendly team on 01495 792790.

Solid Chemical Dispensers


Our range of 'own label' solid chemical dissolvers and dispensers are ideal for automatic treatment of boilers and cooling towers for use with our solid chemicals range of products.

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