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Chlorine dioxide solutions can be generated ‘in situ’ at point of using the WTP two pack system. A Chlorine Dioxide Solution is produced by mixing CD A7 Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide and CD B9 acidic Activator in a 1:1 ratio.

Both WTP Chlorine dioxide products meet the requirements of appropriate BS:EN standards, namely BS EN 938: 2009 Sodium Chlorite and BS EN 939 : 2009 Hydrochloric Acid


WTP CDA7 and WTP CD B9 can be used in two ways.

  1. In a generator to give a 5% solution (50,000ppm) of Cl02, with further dilution by the generator to achieve required dosage. (1 litre of CD A7 produces 50,000 ppm as ClO2)
  2. As a cleaning solution.

To 10L of fresh towns main water add 0.5 litre of WTP CD A7 and stir. To this add 0.5 litre of WTP CD B9 and stir.

As a precaution, mixing of these two products should be carried out in a well-ventilated area. A breathing mask which will protect against chlorine dioxide fumes should be worn.

After 5-10 minutes a yellow/green colouration will develop. The solution is 2000ppm of Cl02 and may be used with further dilution, to achieve the required concentration.

Note: These products should be used with appropriately sized Generator. Contact the Generator Manufacturers for correct operation.


Chlorine dioxide test strips are available to determine correct levels in the system (WTP TK132, 0-10ppm or WTP TK133, 0-500ppm).


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions. WTP CD A7 should be stored separately from WTP CD B9 and other acidic products


Treatments are shipped in 25 litre and 200 litre drums.


Field Representatives will work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls can be provided by qualified personnel.

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