Chlorine HR and LR Comparator Kits


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Chlorine Comparator Kits


As part of our continued test kit development at Water Treatment Products we can now offer our customers a Chlorine High Range and Low Range all-in-one comparator kit.

Ideal for measuring both shock dosage and continuous dosage of chlorine. Our all-in-one test kit comes packaged in a robust case with all equipment needed to carry out testing.

Instructions are provided and located inside the lid of the case preventing loss and giving the user easy access.

We can offer two different types of kits, a tablet version and a liquid version. Both use the same comparators and discs however the liquid version allows you to carry out a greater numbers of tests.

Tablet Comparator Kit

Able to carry out 50 Low range tests and 50 High range tests. Familiar to most in the water treatment industry, this test kit is based on the DPD and KI methods commonly used to measure chlorine and other oxidants.

Free and Total Chlorine can be measured with the low range test whereas only Free Chlorine is measured with the high range test.

Low Range 0-4ppm
High Range 0-100ppm

Code: WTPTK174

Liquid Comparator Kit

Based on the same chemistry as our tablet kit, our Chlorine LR and HR Comparator Liquid kit is able to cover 100-200 tests. No crushing and waiting for tablets to dissolve. Add a few drops of each reagent and instantly get a result.

Code: WTPTK166

Replacement Reagents

Tablet Reagents
DPD No.1 Tablets PLTbsPD150
DPD No.3 Tablets PLTbsPD350
Chlorine HR No.1 PLTbsHAFG50
Chlorine HR No.2 PLTbsPCLHR50
Liquid Reagents
Chlorine KI HR 1 Liquid WTPTKCLHR1
Chlorine KI HR 2 Liquid WTPTKCLHR2



Ideal for measuring both shock dosage and continuous dosage of chlorine.


Supplied packaged in a robust case with all equipment required to carry our chlorine testing. Instructions are provided inside the lid of the case for user access.


Water Treatment Products personnel will work closely with customers to assure the effective use of the comparator kit.

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chlorine high range and low range comparator water testing kit

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