Cooling Water with Meters Test Kit


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This comprehensive kit is a must-have for any professional responsible for monitoring a cooling water system. It provides the equipment and reagents required to monitor correct amount and dosing levels of the following parameters:

  • ChlorideDrop test method. Range 0-600ppm
  • Calcium Hardness Drop test method. Range 50-600+ppm
  • PBTC Drop test method
  • Zinc Drop test method. Range 0-15ppm
  • Bromine Drop Test Method. Range 0-600ppm
  • Chlorine LR Comparator method. Range 0-5ppm
  • Molybdate LR Comparator method. Range 0-20ppm
  • Phosphate LR Comparator method. Range 0-4ppm
  • pH Eutech EcoTestr pH1 meter. pH 4, 7 & 10 buffer solutions
  • TDS/Conductivity Eutech EcoTestr TDS meter, 1413, acetic acid and indicator solutions.

This helps prevent scale build-up and corrosion which causes costly damage.

In addition to the reagents, the Cooling Water Test Kit also contains a sample pot, syringe, comparator, Chlorine, Molybdate, Phosphate LR discs and filter papers and holder. The meters and calibration solutions are in a separate case to rest of the Cooling Water Test Kit.

Click onto selected tests to find the different options of purchasing replacement reagents – whether it is individual reagents you need or a set sold at a discount as a Reagent Pack.

Product Data

Reagent Product Code Product Description
CC1 WTPTKCC1 Chloride Indicator
BC2 WTPTKBC2 HR Chloride Titrant
CC2 WTPTKCC2 LR Chloride Titrant
CH1P WTPCH1P Calcium Hardness Indicator
CH2 WTPTKCH2 Calcium Hardness Buffer
TH4 WTPTKTH4 Hardness HR Titrant
P1/4L WTPTKP14L PBTC Indicator
Z1 WTPTKZ1 Zinc Buffer
Z2 WTPTKZ2 Zinc Indicator
Z3 WTPTKZ3 Zinc Titrant
BR1 WTPTKBR1 Bromine Reagent
BR3 WTPTKBR3 Bromine Titrant
MOLR5 WTPTKMOLR5 Molybdate Low Range Reagent
DPD1P WTPTKCL1 Chlorine LR Indicator
DPD3L WTPTKCL2 Chlorine LR Titrant
PO4 LR Tablets WTPTKPLR/50T Phosphate LR Tablets
pH4 WTPTKPH4 pH4 Buffer
pH7 WTPTKPH7 pH7 Buffer
pH10 WTPTKPH10 pH10 Buffer
T1413 WTPTKTDSR TDS Solution




Our Test Kits can be ordered individually or in bulk. They can be delivered alongside your WTP Chemicals’ order saving you additional delivery charges. Next working day delivery only £9.96 (up to 20kg); mainland UK only.


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