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WTP CW55M is specially developed for the prevention of corrosion in closed circuit cooling water and LTHW systems. This formulation, based upon a synergized blend of buffers, alkanolamine-phosphate esters, molybdate and yellow metal inhibitors, is suitable for domestic and industrial multi-metal systems, negating the need for multiple treatments in mixed-occupancy environments.

NSF Chemical Inhibitor Approval Scheme (CIAS)

 WTP CW55M is certified as complying with:

‘NSF Standard Specification for the Performance of Chemical Inhibitors for use in Domestic Hot Water Central Heating Systems and All Applicable Requirements.’

Certificate Number – NSF2242/1119

In order to meet the requirements of the CIAS Standard Specification, an inhibitor shall:

  1. Inhibit the corrosion of metals typically found within a modern central heating system.
  2. Not damage any rubber components typically found within a modern central heating system.
  3. Inhibit scale formation.

The testing procedure was amended in February 2017. Even with this more stringent testing, CW55M displays excellent corrosion inhibition for multiple metals at 1% v/v dose in both soft and hard waters, as shown below:


  • Highly effective, all-round corrosion inhibitor
  • Scale-preventative and anti-fouling properties
  • Non-aggressive towards aluminium
  • Complete, single-package treatment
  • Compatible with glycol antifreezes
  • Suitable for Domestic, Commercial and Industrial use


  • Dosing should be achieved via a recommended point in the system, e.g. a dosing pot
  • Dose rate: 1% of system capacity; typically 1 litre treats 10 radiators (100 litre system).
  • System waters should always be analysed following dosing to ensure conditions are satisfactory.
  • A Molybdate test kit (WTPTK105) is available to use for determining product reserve. A reserve (as ppm MoO4) of >100 ppm is the preferred result.
  • In applications where aluminium is present a pH of 7.3 – 8.0 is advised


WTP CW55M treatment is formulated as a balanced blend of chemicals, and is proven over a wide range of plant conditions. Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.  


WTPCW55M treatments are shipped in 25 litre drums.


Field representatives can work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme.

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