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WTP RO401 is a High grade hydrochloric acid, used to remove alkaline scales and metal oxide deposits from membranes and pipe-work. Also used to control the pH of the feedwater without increasing the risk of sulphate deposition.

Description of Product Use

Recommendations from OEM for membranes usually advise the cleaning operation to be pH
2.0 –3.0. Always refer to the OEMs guidelines before adjusting the pH of cleaning solutions.
WTP RO 401 should be added to good quality water in a suitable cleaning tank, and stirred to prevent localised variation in pH. This should be checked using an accurate pH meter. The tank should be well vented to prevent the build up of noxious fumes.
WTP RO 401 does not contain any ferrous or non-ferrous corrosion inhibitors so its use should be restricted to membranes and associated pipe-work made of corrosion resistant materials.

Types of membrane: Fresh-water, Brackish-water, Sea-water

Types of water: Fresh-water, Brackish-water, Sea-water

Points of application: To be added into CIP water tank within the reverse osmosis series and flushed through the membranes, and left to soak for alternating and prolonged periods of time

Method of dosage: Add into the CIP tank at pH 2.0. Usually poured by hand into the product water. Protective equipment should be worn as highlighted in the MSDS for the product.

Method of control: Cleaning operation is complete when the pH no longer rises.



Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes to prevent mild irritation. In case of accidental contact, flush area with clean water. Product should not be ingested. Refer to Safety Data Sheet for full details.



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