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An essential piece of equipment when monitoring bacteria. Our incubators are versatile and are able to be used directly out of the box. No calibration needed. We offer the following incubators: Gnat MX” (WTPTKC03100); Discovery MX10 (WTPTKC042) and Challenger MX25 (WTPTKC045).

Gnat MX2

Ideal for small volume dipslide application.
Pre-set temperature allowing easy “plug and go” capability.
2 dipslide capacity.
Code: WTPTKC031

Discovery MX10

Can hold up to 10 dipslides.
Supplied ready for mains or 12v use giving the user an option of mobile dipslide incubation at the point of use or in a vehicle.
Temperature setting: +5 to 45⁰C.
Our most popular dipslide incubator.
Code: WTPTKC042

Challenger MX25

Holds up to 25 dipslides.
Ideal for larger sites where many dipslides are taken at once.
An expansion of the MX10 with similar features.

  •  Temperature setting: +5 to 45⁰C.
  •  37⁰C Quick start temperature.
  •  Robust enough to handle the tough working environment

Code: WTPTKC045

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Essential equipment when monitoring bacteria.


Incubators are sold as individual units.  


Field representatives will work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls can be provided by qualified personnel.

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Incubator for use when monitoring bacteria

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