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WTP Mini Water Test Kits


Our mini test kits are perfect for keeping in your pocket for when you’re out on site. Simple to use and no complicated instructions to follow. Our mini test kits have been designed to help users perform quick, accurate tests for a fraction of the cost of a larger test kit.

30ml dropper bottle & sample pot with measurements on the side contained within a 65mm x 100mm case with waterproof instructions.

NEW – Mini Alkalinity Test Kit

A very simple test to obtain the alkalinity of your water. Add a few drops of TA4 then add TA5 1 drop at a time until your sample turns yellow.

1 drop of TA5 = 10ppm of Alkalinity.

The test kit will carry out approximately 60-90 tests and is ideal for swimming pool and hot tub use.

Yes/No Hardness Test Kit

A simple yes/no test that will give you a colour change if the sample you are testing is above 5ppm of hardness.

Code: WTPTK112

Mini Hardness Test Kit

A more advanced test kit than the Yes/No Hardness. This test kit will measure the actual hardness of your sample. The test kit contains a sample pot, syringe and two reagents.

Based on the Yes/No Test but containing an additional reagent, 1 drop of this additional reagent will equate to 8ppm of hardness.

Full instructions provided. Code: WTPTK144

pH Indicator Test Kit

Based on universal indicator solution, perfect for getting a quick pH reading without the use of a meter and more accurate than test strips. Simply add a few drops to your sample and match it against the colour chart provided.

pH Range: 4 – 10


Phenol Red Test Kit

Adapted to use alongside or instead of phenol red tables. Our phenol red reagent tests a pH range of between 6.6 – 8.4 making it a narrow range pH test.

Ideal for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs but also has application in the water treatment industry.

Each bottle contains enough reagent to cover approximately 100-150 tests making it excellent value for money.

pH Range: 6.6 – 8.4

Code: WTPTK147

NEW – Micro 6ml Test Kits

Based on universal indicator this handy all-in-one kit is ideal for quick pH testing. Comes with everything you need to get straight into testing your water’s pH.

Instructions are found on the outside of your sample pot and the colour chart is printed on waterproof paper.

6ml of pH reagent is enough to cover 15-20 tests.

Perfect for the occasional test and great value for money.

NEW – Micro 6ml Phenol Red Indicator Test Kit

Here we have one of our bestselling test kits from our mini range in micro form.

Phenol red is used for midrange pH testing. pH 6.6 – 8.4. Instructions and colour chart printed on waterproof paper. Ideal for swimming pools and hot tubs.

6ml of pH reagent is enough to cover 15-20 tests making excellent value for money and a must for any pool/hot tub owner.


Ideal for testing water in swimming pools and hot tubs.


Mini kits are supplied in durable cases measuring 65mm x 100mm; with waterproof instructions. Micro water testing kits comprise of a sample pot with instruction on the outside of the pot and colour chart printed on waterproof paper.


Personnel at Water Treatment Products Ltd will work with customers to assure the effective application of water testing.

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Mini alkalinity water testing kit

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