Multi Functional All Organic Inhibitor


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WTPCW667M is specially developed for the prevention of corrosion and deposit control in residential and commercial central heating systems. It will also provide protection in Chilled water systems and ground source heating systems.

WTPCW667M is a single treatment based upon a blend of all organic inhibitors, polymers and yellow metal inhibitors capable of performing several functions.

WTPCW667 meets the requirements of DWTAS Industry standard for the performance of chemicals inhibitors in domestic water central heating systems and Build Cert Regulation.

Build Cert Certificate Number – 1492/1014


  • Effective, all-round corrosion inhibitor
  • Multi metal performance
  • Scale-preventative and anti-fouling properties
  • Complete, single-package treatment
  • Safe for use with Aluminium boilers
  • Maintains boiler efficiency 


  • Dose rate: 1%of system capacity; typically 1 litre treats 10 radiators (100 litre system).
  • System waters should always be tested following dosing to ensure conditions are satisfactory. A CW667M test kit can be used for determining product reserves.


Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.



Field representatives can work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme.

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