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WTP TracerR Parameter for PrimeLab


The PrimeLab photometer with the TraceR parameter allows Water Treatment Products customers and users of PrimeLab to easily and accurately test for reserve of all WTP products that include TraceR additives.

Utilising the PrimeLab tracer adapter in conjunction with the PrimeLab photometer with TraceR parameter provides an instant on-site test method that accurately measures TraceR dye product and verifies fully circulated liquid accurately.

The TraceR dye emits wavelengths of between 400 and 500 nm when irradiated with UV light and is an excellent choice for the active on-line monitoring of:

The immediate electronic results from the bluetooth friendly PrimeLab TraceR are transferred to either laptop/PC or android mobile phone. The data can then be formatted into reports and forwarded to clients, consultants and onsite engineers to verify and accredit the results; with data logged for audit trails.

Once TraceR is added with product to the water circulation system it is stable over time, does not react easily with other substances and is environmentally safe.

The TraceR adapter uses UV-light source.

The adapter has the ability to measure TraceR from 0-1000ppb; with a resolution of 0.1ppb.

The adapter comes in a black carrying case with professional lab-pipette, all necessary calibration solutions, batteries and a glass vial.

Case Study

WTP TraceR was added to WTP H390T (cooling tower corrosion inhibitor):


A linear relationship is observed with ppm product dosed and ppb TraceR detected.

Specific Adapter – TraceR or Turdbidity

The PrimeLab photometer also allows you to measure parameters such as TraceR and Turbidity using adapter kits.

Each adapter kit contains the following:

Specific Adapter (TraceR or Turbidity) Small Carry Case Batteries Standards for Calibration Vial Pipette (and tips).

Item Code
TraceR Adapter Kit – for ID 111 WTPTKPLSP-ADP-TraceR
Turbidity (FTU) Adapter Kit – for ID 112 WTPTKPLSP-ADP-TRB

Please contact us for more information regarding the adapters.

Difficulty Calculating System Volumes?

Use TraceR to quickly and accurately calculate system volumes.  WTP supply TraceR system volume calculation using TraceR liquid and the PrimeLab TraceR function. TraceR solution is supplied in 1L containers.

TraceR is unique to PrimeLab and WTP; for more details of to arrange a demonstration please contact:


The adapter kits have been specially designed and calibrated for use with the PrimeLab unit.


The PrimeLab adapter comes in a black carrying case with professional lab-pipette, all necessary calibration solutions, batteries and a glass vial.


Field representatives will work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls can be provided by qualified personnel.

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