PrimeLab Photometer Kits


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Basic PrimeLab Kit


A PrimeLab can be purchased individually, in a case with accessories and also pre-loaded with your chosen parameters.

We offer a range of options and many parameters allowing you to customise your PrimeLab for ease of use.

Basic PrimeLab Kit

Out basic PrimeLab kit contains the following:

PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest Photometer Black Carry Case 4 x 24mm/10ml Glass Vials Light Shield – Calibration Purposes Stirring Rod 10ml Syringe Cleaning Brush Bluetooth USB Dongle CD with PrimeLab Software (Windows) 4 x AAA Batteries 110v/230v Interchangeable Power Supply Full Manual

Please note no parameters are installed on this device.


Alternatively you can purchase the PrimeLab pre-installed with 5 or more parameters for your choice. Simply let us know which parameters you would like from the list we can provide and we can install them for you so your PrimeLab is ready to use. This is the Basic Kit + however many parameters you wish to install.

Larger more comprehensive kits can be supplied in a peli storm case

Item Code
PrimeLab Photometer – Preinstalled with 5 Parameters WTPTKPLP005
PrimeLab Photometer – Preinstalled with 10 Parameters WTPTKPLP010
PrimeLab Photometer – Preinstalled with 20 Parameters WTPTKPLP020
PrimeLab Photometer – Preinstalled with 30 Parameters WTPTKPLP030
PrimeLab Photometer – Preinstalled with 40 Parameters WTPTKPLP040

Prices do not include reagents. Please enquire for a full personalised quotation.

Additional parameters can be purchased after you have received your PrimeLab. An activation code can be provided for an additional fee allowing you to be up to date and using only the tests you require.




PrimeLab photometers can be purchased individually or in a case with accessories.


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