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Descaling properties

WTP Shower Head Plus Gel is an acid based, ready to use descaling gel encompassing a proprietary biocide. The product will descale and sanitize showerheads, plumbing fittings and sanitary ware in one operation.

WTP Shower Head Plus Gel has been developed for use on vertical surfaces and fixed fittings that cannot be dismantled and immersed for treatment. It is ideal for direct application on shower heads.

Biocidal properties

WTP Showerhead Plus contains a proprietary Biocide and has efficacy data against the latest EN testing standards; EN1276 and EN13623 (Legionella).

This dual action performance makes Showerhead Plus Gel the first choice for building maintenance personnel, water treatment service technicians, cleaning and hygiene staff.


  • Direct application on shower heads that are permanently fixed or have security locks.
  • Highly efficient product; an all-in-one preparation to descale shower heads and sanitize in a single application.
  • Eliminates the use of Acid and Hypochlorite solutions (in close proximity) and consequently improving operator health and safety.
  • Excellent kill rate against Legionella.


pH <2
Appearance Viscous gel
Colour Yellow


Where sequential cleaning of several fittings is being performed concurrently in separate rooms then display signage to state cleaning is in progress and fitting is out of use.

Application of product can be made using a brush or other suitable applicator.

  1. Physically clean the head with a soft brush to remove loose deposit or soap scum.
  2. Apply gel over the surface and allow a minimum contact time of 15 minutes for the disinfection process (see related efficacy data below).
  3. Rinse thoroughly with clean water.
  4. Inspect surface of showerhead or fitting and if any scale is present then repeat step 2
  5. Rinse with copious amounts of clean water.
  6. Examine to confirm cleanliness.
  7. Return to service.


  1. EN1276:2019 – Evaluation of bactericidal activity of chemicals disinfectants and antiseptics

Shower Head Plus has demonstrated a kill rate of 99.999% in 5 minutes under dirty conditions against:

-Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus and Enterococcus hirae. 

  1. EN13623:2020 – Evaluation of bactericidal activity against Legionella of chemical disinfectants

Shower Head Plus achieved a kill rate of 99.999% during a contact time of 15 minutes against:

-Legionella pneumophilia


WTP Shower Head Plus Gel can be used sparingly on decorative and chromed finishes. On completion of descaling, components should be thoroughly rinsed with fresh mains water before reinstatement of service.

WTP Shower Head Plus Gel should not be mixed with other products such as hypochlorite based solutions.

If fittings can be dismantled then WTP Showerhead Plus liquid is recommended.


Use biocides safely. Always read the label and product information before use. Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.

  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
  • In case of contact, immediately remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water.
  • For eyes, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Harmful if swallowed.


WTP treatments are shipped in 500ml squeeze bottles. 6 x 500ml per box.


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