Solid all Organic Scale and Corrosion Inhibitor


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WTP HS 2097 is a solid, all organic scale and corrosion inhibitor. A blend of phosphonate and polymers, incorporating dispersants and yellow metal corrosion inhibitors, it is designed for the prevention of hardness deposition in recirculating or once-through cooling systems using moderate to high hardness make-up water.

WTP HS 2097 is halogen stable and can be used with oxidising biocide programmes. The product retards metal oxide formation, and passivates precipitation zones by sequestration and dispersion. A specific co-polymer conditions phosphate salts that have been introduced to protect the municipal water supply.

Low effective dosage makes WTP HS 2097 economical for large water users.

Product Data

Physical State Colourless/pale solid
pH of 1% solution 13


Dependant on level of hardness contamination. However, an average dosage would expect to maintain 20 to 30 ppm of WTP HS 2097 within system for hardness levels up to 800 ppm.

Testing and Control

A simple phosphonate drop test can be utilized to determine system reserves.

Standard phosphonate test x 3 = Inhibitor reserve as product.


Please refer to safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.

Avoid direct contact with skin and eyes, chemical should be handled in accordance with safety data sheet which will be issued to all users at time of order placement.



WTP HS 2097 treatments are shipped in 5kg non-returnable HDPE jars.


Field representatives will work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls can be provided by qualified personnel.  

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