Solid Cooling Tower Halogen/Oxidiser Resistant Corrosion/Inhibitor


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WTP HS3990 is a solid halogen/oxidiser resistant corrosion inhibitor designed for soft to medium hardness waters that have corrosion potential.

Contains background scale inhibitors to protect against hardness slippage or over concentration of system water. WTP HS3990 contains a synergistic blend of phosphonocarboxylates, silicate and phosphate to provide excellent corrosion inhibition.


WTP HS3990 is dosed via the solids dissolver to maintain a system reserve of 20 ppm to 40 ppm.

A small reserve of 50 ppm calcium in the recirculating water requires a dose of 20 ppm; less than 20 ppm calcium and a reserve of 40 ppm product is required.

The system reserve can be monitored by either use of a phosphonate test kit.

Phosphonate X 5 = reserve as product



Please refer to safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.

  • WTP HS3990 is alkaline in solution.
  • Suitable protective clothing should be used to prevent possible skin and eye contact.


WTP HS3990 treatments are shipped in 5kg non-returnable HDPE jars.  


Field representatives can work closely with customer personnel to ensure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls will be provided by qualified personnel.

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