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Air Hygiene Air hygiene treatments offer complete protection and acts as sanitisers/cleaners for ductwork and air handling units.
Antifoams Our food and technical grade antifoams or defoamers eliminate suds or foam in industrial environments.
Biocides A full range of biocides.
Chlorine Dioxide Solutions – Chlorogene Highly effective super sanitising agent that is recomended for use where control of microbiological activity is essential.
Cleaning Treatments Cleaning treatments remove scale and debris and are used in pre-commission cleaning, descalers/cleaners, kitchen cleaners, biodegreasers and cooling tower cleaners.
Closed Circuit Water Chemicals Closed circuit treatment chemicals include a range of corrosion inhibitors, antifreeze agents and biocide treatments.
Open Cooling & Cooling Tower Water Chemicals Why Water Threatment Products are Your Best Option for Cooling Tower Water Treatment. A cooling water system can suffer from scale formation or corrosion, which can not only reduce efficiancy, but may lead to becoming a breeding ground for the sort of bacteria that causes Legionnaires.
Pool and Leisure Chemicals New innovation and technologies to the swimming pool and spa industries.
Reverse Osmosis Chemicals Reverse Osmosis water treatment chemicals for demineralizing water. Anti-Scalant Software is available to enable you to select the optimum product for your application and an Autopsy Service.
Sanosil Visit our dedicated Sanosil website at: for full details of all Sanosil products available from Water Treatment Products.
Sentinel Closed Circuit Treatments Water Treatment Products are main UK agents for the Sentinel product range offering protection for heating and hot water systems; supplied in larger pack sizes (20 litre drums) for the commercial and industrial market.
Solid Chemicals Water Treatment Products Ltd is the only UK manufacturer of Solid Chemicals. Produced in highly concentrated solid form which offers safety, environmental and operational benefits over equivalent liquid chemical products.
Steam Boiler Water Chemicals Oxygen Scavengers, Polymers, Phosphates, Alkalinity Builders, Condensate Line Protection & Fuel Oil Additives.
Water Test Kits, Drop Test Kits, Dipslides & Equipment


Our extensive range of water test kits are cost effective and constantly expanding. Providing instant results, these convenient kits are supplied in high quality, water proof cases with complete and straightforward instructions make them easy to use and extremely portable.


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