Water Treatment Products Ltd formulate and manufacture an extensive range of ‘confidential’ chemicals for water treatment for a wide range of water treatment suppliers.

All our services are ISO 9000 and 14001 certified. Our extensive manufacturing facilities and supporting chemical expertise allow our customers to offer specialist chemical formulations without the requirement to physically own such assets.

We also provide biocides, antifoams and chemicals for air handling units, closed loops and environmental hygiene along with a full range of water treatment equipment products.

Toll Blending & Safe Chemical Formulation

Our specialist chemical manufacturing process capabilities are supported by in-house chemists and include; batch and continuous processing; powder blending and handling capability, liquid blending, liquid based reaction processes and a number of other specialist manufacturing processes. We offer a toll blending and formulation service and global logistics distribution service to suit your company’s specific needs. Our toll blending service means that we can blend and package any formula you wish.

In today’s ever litigious and risk conscious market place, businesses large and small endeavour to minimize risk. One of the ways they achieve this is to ensure their suppliers can demonstrate full compliance with all the current regulations, including safe labeling of chemicals to meet UK, EU and international transport and hazard regulations; pump over service offers drumless chemical delivery options.

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This is particularly important where the supplies of hazardous (and non-hazardous) products, such as chemicals, are involved. In our experience, Duty of Care Audits of manufacturing plants are becoming the norm.

At Water Treatment Products Limited we actively encourage our customers from the UK, Europe and overseas to visit our manufacturing plant and undertake their own ISO audits, procedures audits and risk assessments – making the chemical manufacturing procedure tangible and giving the peace of mind that secures long term relationships.

By undertaking this visit our customers can satisfy themselves that Water Treatment Products provide the service and support that is required, ensuring that you gain the confidence to make important statements of quality assurance, health and safety, and service, when tendering for their important customers.

Water Treatment Products offers a wide range of services for all customers – for any additional information and technical support about toll blending or selecting the right chemicals for water treatment, please contact us:

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