Solid Chemical Dispensers/Dissolvers

A range of Dispensers/Dissolvers is available the for automatic treatment of boilers and cooling towers using solid chemical treatments.

Benefits include:

  • No electricity required – only for the electronic sensor version
  • Powered by normal line water pressure
  • Utilises low cost, reliable and proven float technology
  • Small footprint
  • Adjustable pressure regulator and removable filter
  • Low maintenance
  • Models available with back-up float system and reservoir for overflow protection
  • Automatically adjusts for conductivity changes in the incoming water
  • Models also available for “open” systems
  • Your logo/company name on dissolver unit


Product Code
Single Product Solid Dissolver with Back Up – Chlorine Resistant Model 1590CR WTP
Single Product Solid Dissolver – Chlorine Resistant Model 1592CR WTP
Ultra-S Electronic Sensor Single Product Solid Dissolver – Chlorine Resistant Model Ultra S
Biocide Dissolver – Chlorine Resistant Model 1500CR WTP

All Dispensers meet UK regulations/specifications

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