Water Management Society Conference – Designing Out Healthcare Acquired Infections

Water Treatment exhibiting at WMS Conference, Designing Out HAIs (Healthcare Acquired Infections) today at Society of Chemical Industry, Greater London.

This is a one day conference is aimed at understanding the needs of good design in healthcare buildings water systems and water-using products helping to reduce the current numbers of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAIs).

Currently thousands of people die each year in the UK each year from HAIs, with a significant emotional and monetary cost. Many of these deaths might have been avoided by a better understanding of some of the learnings from previous uneducated design practices and the new guidance standards that are now available; to assist at both the design stages and for the engineers who have to remediate on new installations.

This conference is for anyone with a direct or indirect interest in designing, installing, maintaining or looking after healthcare premises water systems and the products connected to them. Click for full details on the Sanosil disinfectants and Chlorogene chlorine dioxide products exhibited by Water Treatment Products at the conference.

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