Water Treatment Products C32 Approved for use in PT 11 Applications

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has granted Water Treatment Products approval under Biocide Products Regulations on Wednesday 3rd April 2019 for their product WTP C32. The HSE is the UK competent authority for Biocidal product authorisations and has given approval for PT 11 which covers use in Evaporative Cooling Towers and process waters including the important “Closed System use”.

C32 is one of the best selling non oxidising biocides; this BPR submission, which was costly and time consuming has allowed over 75 of WTPs own label customers, who signed up to the WTP product dossier in 2017, to continue selling the biocide with their unique product name to the approval date and beyond.

The approval is for 10 years. WTP has also obtained approval in Ireland from the Pesticide Control Division (PCD).

CMIT/MIT commonly referred to as “Isothiazalone” is a very effective broad spectrum biocide used through the UK and Ireland in evaporative cooling, process waters, chilled water and closed circuit heating systems.

Tim Carter, MD Water Treatment Products Ltd comments that “WTP is now an authorisation holder and can facilitate your company acquiring their own branded name for this product within the current BPR regulation. Please contact WTP to discuss your options for complying with the BPR.”

For additional information, please contact:

Selina Begum, WTP Regulatory Manager, selinabegum@watertreatmentproducts.co.uk
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