Water Treatment Products and Water-i.d. Training Day

A joint training day for Water Treatment Products and Water-i.d. in Eggenstien.

Andreas Hock, Water-i.d. presented the future product range of its recently launched PoolLab photometer, and the planned developments of the PrimeLab 2.0.

All current and future photometers will be compatible in terms of reagents and cloud app., e.g. the new PrimeLab 2.0 will still be able to perform single chamber tests.

Each industry has different requirements of testing parameters, and while some parameters are unique for one area, a range of parameters are equal important for several industries. The PrimeLab1.0 device from WATER-I.D. is today capable of testing more than 140 parameters. The targeted industries are Drinking Water, Waste Water, Boiler Water, Cooling Towers, Sewage/Effluent, Potable Water, Leisure (Pool). To explain this further, a combined “Drinking – Waste Water development would be able to measure the maximum number of tests including Aluminium, Chlorine LR, Chlorine LR comb., Chlorine HR, Copper LR, Iron LR and Zinc.

Tim Carter commented “As the exclusive UK distributor for PrimeLab to the water treatment industry it is important to work in partnership on developments for the benefit of our customers.”

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