Dosing and Testing

  • Product is intended to be fed intermittently into the system.
  • When treating the system for the first time, add chemical in small increments to determine the extent of foaming due to detergent action.
  • Chemical may be poured into the sump of the cooling tower evaporative condenser.
  • The system should be cleaned before application of an initial dose of 300 ppm of system water.
  • Dose may vary depending on water temperature, cycles of concentration and seasonal requirement.
  • Typically weekly dosing will be required to visibly control microbiological growth.
  • Heavily contaminated systems will require higher biocide doses than clean systems

A drop test kit is available (WTP TK194) to determine correct levels in the system.

WTP C50 is a broad spectrum biocide against a wide range of micro-organisms including, algae, fungi, bacteria and yeast infestations in water systems.

WTP C50 is based on a low foaming polymeric quaternary ammonium organic compound.


Product Data

Physical State Clear solution with slight alcohol odour
Density 8.4 lbs/gallon


Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.

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