PrimeLab Photometer

The PrimeLab photometer hand-held Bluetooth® device is expandable and portable, developed for ultimate flexibility for use in a range of water systems.

Photometers provide accurate measurement of a number of key aspects of water quality. Using the refraction of light to measure the colour change in water samples they are able to determine levels of varying chemical elements within the water.

With only one light source and the JENCOLOR multi-spectral sensor used exclusively in the PrimeLab, it is possible to measure all water parameters where the water sample is visibly discoloured after addition of a reagent.

Key Features of PrimeLab Photometer:

PrimeLab Photometer

The first and only PrimeLab photometer with just 1 LED / 1 JENCOLOR sensor, covering the 400 wavelength (380nm-780nm).

More than a 100 different parameters available. Activation of add-on parameters is possible even after purchase.

Powerful PC-software and app with free cloud service.

Creating reports and dosage recommendations by just a click, using your individual water treatment chemicals.

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Product Title Product Name Product Information Pack Size Options Price Info
PoolLab® 1.0 PoolLab® 1.0 The new PoolLab® 1.0 is a single wavelength photometer for professional water analysis of private pools and spas. An in-built but changeable cuvette allows quick water sampling by just dipping in the IP67 waterproof PoolLab®. Individual Unit Request price View
PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest Photometer PrimeLab Photometer The PrimeLab photometer hand-held Bluetooth® device is expandable and portable, developed for ultimate flexibility for use in a range of water systems. Individual Unit Request price View
PrimeLab BSRIA BG50 Engineers Test Kit WTPTK228 Our PrimeLab BSRIA BG50 Engineers spec photometer test kit comes in a robust Tekno 2018 case. Designed to cover the tests stated in BG50 our versatile test kit comes with everything you need in one handy, easy to carry case. A user friendly design allows for maximum use with over… Individual Unit Request price. View
PrimeLab Peli Storm Deluxe Case PrimeLab Peli Storm iM2600 Deluxe Kit We supply the PrimeLab Photometer in a large rugged Peli Storm iM2600 Deluxe Case. Strong, waterproof and shockproof, the Peli Storm iM2600 Deluxe Case is ideal for use in tough environments. The foam inserts offers an extra level of protection keeping reagents and equipment safe inside. This versatile case allows… Individual kits Request price View
PrimeLab Photometer Kits Basic PrimeLab Kit A PrimeLab can be purchased individually, in a case with accessories and also pre-loaded with your chosen parameters. We offer a range of options and many parameters allowing you to customise your PrimeLab for ease of use. Basic PrimeLab Kit Out basic PrimeLab kit contains the following: PrimeLab 1.0 Multitest… Individually or in case with accessories Request price View
TraceR Parameter for PrimeLab WTP TracerR Parameter for PrimeLab The PrimeLab photometer with the TraceR parameter allows Water Treatment Products customers and users of PrimeLab to easily and accurately test for reserve of all WTP products that include TraceR additives. Utilising the PrimeLab tracer adapter in conjunction with the PrimeLab photometer with TraceR parameter provides an instant on-site test method that accurately… Individual kits Request price View

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