Drum Collection

Water Treatment Products offer to customers a collection service for drums to be collected and disposed of in accordance with legislative requirements.

In order to comply with our licences:

  • Drums must have been supplied by WTP Ltd.
  • Must be empty.
  • Are complete with original label and cap.
  • Full pallets of 48 x 25 litre drums to be stretch wrapped and secured to a 1200 x 1000mm pallet before collection.
  • The completed consignment form must be completed and forwarded to Anthony Evans.

New Hazardous Waste Regulations – are you ready?

The 3rd Edition of the Environment Agency’s Technical Guidance Note WM2 is now in force. This means from 1st April 2014 that any packaging that has contained a hazardous product and has been emptied, but not cleaned or decontaminated, must therefore be considered a Hazardous Waste; which must be consigned, carried and treated in accordance with the Hazardous Waste Regulations 2005.

Previously, empty drums were carried under a Duty of Care document which permitted the uplifting and return of nominally empty containers. Now, these containers are classified as hazardous waste by virtue of the residual liquid left in the drum and fall under the Hazardous Waste Regulations and must be consigned as hazardous waste using a Consignment Note.

Water Treatment Products will assist you in completing Consignment Notes and guide you through the process. Ours support includes working with you on:

  • Consignment Notes
  • MSDS
  • Hazard Codes
  • UN Numbers

For further details and blank Consignment Notes please call Water Treatment Products on Tel: 01495 792790 and speak with Anthony Evans.

Customers in Wales may require a ‘Premises Code’ for us to be able to collect our used Drums and IBC’s

A ‘Premises Code’ is required for any premises/site that disposes of 500kg of waste per year (the equivalent of 450 standard 25 litre containers). Visit the Natural Resources Wales and review:

Form Guidance HWR02B: How to register your premises – A guide to the Hazardous Waste Regulations

If the waste is leaving registered premises, you enter the registration number of the premises. Every registration number comprises three letters and three numbers. For example: ABC123.

If the site produces less than 500kg of waste per year, the site will not need registration to obtain a premises code and will be an exempt premises. However, a consignment note will still be required when uplifting empty drums. If the waste is leaving exempt premises, write EXE, followed by a series of three letters or numbers of your choosing. You can use all letters, or all numbers, or a mix of the two. Information on whether the premises needs to be notified may be found on the Environment Agency website and reviewing the document:

HWR02A – Do I Need to Notify My Premises?

What is the cost of ‘Premises Code’?

Purchasing your ‘Premises Code’ online costs £18.00; by telephone £23.00 and by post £28.00

If you already have a Premise Code, have you sent it to us?

Anthony Evans, Despatch Administrator. Email: anthonyevans@watertreatmentproducts.co.uk


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