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Water Treatment Products Ltd, established since 1999, formulates and manufactures specialty chemical products for a wide range of water treatment applications.

We can supply water treatment products in a variety of pack sizes, personalised with company names and logos to specific customer requirements.

We supply to customers in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Spain, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.

We offer expertise and a modern manufacturing facility based in the UK which is ideally placed for distribution to our customers. Our production facility is fully enclosed, as is our loading and unloading yard, with a total capacity of 6000 tons per year.

  •  Over 300 formulations –blending and packing capability for liquids and dry chemicals
  • Products include: antiscalants and cleaners for membrane installations (RO,NF,UF), biocides,  closed system products and cleaning chemicals, scale and corrosion inhibitors and a variety of products for boiler water, cooling water, swimming pools, drinking water etc.
  • Products manufactured in our plant to exacting specifications
  • On site DGSA’s, ADR drivers and Chemists
  • ISO 9001 and 14001 certified
  • Short delivery times offer massive savings on stock holding
  • Specialist technical support in France, Germany, Italy, Holland, Poland, Spain, the Middle East and Saudi Arabia.
  • Complete range of pack sizes packing sized from 250 ml up to 1 m3 IBC’s.
  • 100% confidentiality in all aspects of trading relationship
  • All products supplied with technical data sheets and MSDS with customer’s own label
  • Batch number traceability and samples retained for two years

You are most welcome to visit and audit our manufacturing plant prior to purchase.  Airports and train stations are located within reasonable travelling distance.

Find out why over 200 water treatment companies buy direct from us. For further information please contact:


european-representativeJohan Kriek, European Representative for Water Treatment Products Ltd

Tel:  +31  (0) 6 53725969

E-mail:     Contact Us


Johan is our European Representative serving our clients outside the UK. Johan has a chemical/technological background (University of Technology, Delft, the Netherlands) and has more than 35 years’ experience in water treatment, including water desalination by means of reverse osmosis.

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