Water Test Kits

Our extensive range of water test kits are cost effective and constantly expanding. Providing instant results, these convenient kits are supplied in high quality, water proof cases with complete and straightforward instructions make them easy to use and extremely portable. Should any standard kit not meet individual needs we are able to customise them to order. Please contact us for details.

A range of water testing equipment is available with 'Own Label' option.

Product Title Product Name Product Information Pack Size Options Price Info
Accessories Accessories for Water Testing Kits Sample Pots & Syringes Product Product Code 60ml Sample Pot (No Scale) WTPTKC001 35ml Sample Pot (No Scale) WTPTKC013 40ml Sample pot with Scale WTPTKC025 Filter Holder WTPTKC027 Filter Papers (50) WTPTKFP 10ml Syringe WTPTKC015 5ml Luer Lock Syringe WTPTKC014 1ml Syringe WTPTKC029 If you require a replacement accessory and… Individual units Request price View
Basic Single Parameter Test Kits WTP Single Parameter Test Kits These dropper test kits are contained within a carry case and include weatherproof instructions, a sample pot, syringe and reagents for approximately 100-200 tests. Parameter Range Code Alkalinity 50-2400 WTPTK101 Bromine 0-15 WTPTK127 Chloride 25-2400 WTPTK102 Chlorine LR 0-10 WTPTK154 Chlorine HR 0-100 WTPTK116 Chlorine LR + HR 0 –… Individual Units Request price View
BSRIA BG50 Engineers Test Kit WTPTK164 Our BSRIA BG50 Engineers spec test kit comes in a robust Tekno 2018 case. Designed to cover the tests stated in BG50 our versatile test kit comes with everything you need in one handy, easy to carry case. A user friendly design allows for maximum use with over 20 bottles/tablet… Carry case Request price. View
Chemical Specific Tests Test Specifically for WTP Chemicals Alongside tailor-made instructions, these kits include all the reagents and equipment to test for the following chemicals. WTP Chemical Code C31 WTPTK123 C32 WTPTK123 C48i WTPTK123 C50, C52, C54 and C58 WTPTK194 C90 and C905 WTPTK189 CL/KQ472 WTPTKC020 or WTPTKC058 CL28 WTPTKC020 or WTPTKC058 CL27DRE (Derust) WTPTKC020 or WTPTKC058 CS4490… Individual units Request price View
Copper Test Kit WTPTK189 Our Copper kit includes all the equipment & reagents required to measure Free Copper levels within a range of 0-2ppm. The kit includes a sample pot and syringe to perform the tests. Replacement reagents can be bought separately or in Reagent Packs at a discount. Places to monitor Copper: If… Individual Request price View
Dipslides WTPTK131 Dipslides For Bacterial Monitoring Water Treatment Product’s dipslides offer a quick and easy means of monitoring and measuring the levels of bacteria found in water systems and on surfaces.  Our dipslides are ideal for water treatment professionals; engineers, facilities management specialists and building services personnel. Supplied in boxes of 10… Boxes of 10 Request price View
Engineer System Specific Kits WTP Engineers Water Test Kits e offer 3 kits that contain a comprehensive range of tests that are designed to be used in the following water systems: Boiler Water Closed System Cooling Water These kits are designed to make it as efficient as possible to carry out a comprehensive system analysis. They have been designed… Individual unit Request price View
Incubators Incubutors An essential piece of equipment when monitoring bacteria. Our incubators are versatile and are able to be used directly out of the box. No calibration needed. We offer the following incubators: Gnat MX" (WTPTKC03100); Discovery MX10 (WTPTKC042) and Challenger MX25 (WTPTKC045). Gnat MX2 Ideal for small volume dipslide application. Pre-set temperature… Individual unit Request Price View
Legionella Compliance L8 Test Kit / HSG 274 WTPTK190 Our Legionella Compliance L8 Test Kit /  HSG 274 test kit comes in a robust Tekno 2018 case. Specifically designed for the monitoring of Cooling Water to ensure correct water conditions have been achieved for lowering Legionella risk. A user friendly design allows for maximum use with over 20 bottles/tablet… Individual case Request price View
Meters Individual units We have a selection of meters that suit a variety of applications and budgets. From economical easy-to-use Eutech EcoTestr pH and TDS meters to the more comprehensive meters like the Eutech CyberScan PC 300. Meters Kit for Water Testing This kit contains the Eutech EcoTestr pH2 and the Eutech EcoTestre… Individual units Request price View
Mini Water Testing Kits WTP Mini Water Test Kits Our mini test kits are perfect for keeping in your pocket for when you’re out on site. Simple to use and no complicated instructions to follow. Our mini test kits have been designed to help users perform quick, accurate tests for a fraction of the cost of a larger test… Individual units Request price View
Replacement Reagents WTP Replacement Reagents Reagent Packs It is possible to buy replacement reagents as a pack at a discount – see the list below: Reagent Pack Name Code Reagents Included Alkalinity WTPTK101RP PA1, PA2/TA2, PA3, TA3, TA4 Bromine WTPTK127RP BR1, DPD1P, BR3 Chloride WTPTK102RP CC1, BC2, CC2 Chlorine LR WTPTK115RP DPD1P, DPD3L Chlorine LR… Individual units Request price View
Water Testing Strips Testing Strips for Water Analysis A range of simple and convenient single use Testing Strips to measure various test parameters. All pots of test strips contain enough strips to carry out 50 tests unless otherwise stated. Testing strip bottles have easy to read colour scales to determine correct concentrations. Test Strip Range Code Ammonia Test… Pots of 50 strips Request price View

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