Defoamers & Antifoaming Agents

Defoamers, also known as antifoams, are additives used in manufacturing processes that require stable water conditions for optimum production efficiency.

Antifoams and defoamers are commonly found in two formats (organic and silicone-based) and are used in a wide range of applications where the creation of foam during a process is undesirable. Processes include those that entail the use of detergents, food processing, wastewater treatment, wood pulp manufacturing, as well as widespread use within the pharmaceutical industry.

Water Treatment Products manufactures and distributes a range of antifoams and defoamers specifically formulated for the accurate and long term maintenance of water conditions within wastewater and effluent treatment, water cooling solutions and more.

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Product Title Product Name Product Information Pack Size Options Price Info
Multipurpose Antifoam WTPAF1510 Silicon based foam control agent suitable for most aqueous systems. An effective multipurpose antifoam and defoamer, with low toxicity and good environmental profile. 25 & 205 Litres. Request price View
Non Silicon Antifoam WTPDF61 A non-silicon antifoam for use in paint shops, effluent treatment plants scrubbers, metal working fluids and process waters where the use of silicon based products are prohibited. Effective over a wide pH range and with long lasting efficacy. 25 & 200 Litres. Request price View
Polyalkylene Glycol WTPDF515 Polyalkylene glycol based foam control agent suitable for high temperature aqueous systems. Effective antifoam and defoamer at temperatures in excess of 55 0 C. 25 & 205 Litres. Request price View

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