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Chemical dosing pumps provide an efficient and reliable way to maintain water conditions with minimum effort. Constant flow rates constrained to exact tolerances allow these dosing pump systems precise control over the application of water treatment products.

Large scale water treatment operations require storage of chemicals in a safe and secure manner. Water Treatment Products supply a wide variety of chemically stable polyethylene dosage tanks in various volume capacities. Couple this with our high-quality chemical bunds for increased stability and spill resistance.

Looking for dispensers for solid chemical products, see our range of solid chemical tablet dispensers here.

Ready to order? Do you have unanswered questions concerning the storage and automatic application of our water treatment solutions? To learn more or request a price for any of our automatic dosing products, call us on 01495 792790. Alternatively, you can contact us using our contact form.

Product Title Product Name Product Information Pack Size Options Price Info
Biodegreaser Dosing Package Biodegreaser Dosing Package Bio-Degreaser is a bio-enhanced product for eliminating the build-up of troublesome grease and fats in restaurants, hotels, canteens and other areas which suffer from problems caused by organic matter in drainage systems.  It is a safe, economic and proven method of treatment. Used in conjunction with the PULSAtron Plus Series… Individual Units Request price View
Dosage Ancillaries Ancillaries for Dosage Dosage Tank and Bunds A range of Dosing Tanks and bunds manufactured from medium density polyethylene suitable for internal storage of a wide variety of chemical products, as part of an automatic dosing and control system. Dosage tanks are available in 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 litre sizes. They… Individual units Request price View
PULSAtron Pumps PULSAtron Pumps Range We are able to offer a wide range of Dosage Pumps to cater for virtually any water treatment or process application. We supply various pumps, with their own features and benefits which compliment each other to offer an unequalled choice to users. PULSAtron pumps are stand-alone pumps offering a wide… Individual units Request price View
Water Treatment Controller MicroVision Toroidal Conductivity Cooling Tower Controller MicroVision is a microprocessor-based toroidal conductivity controller with selectable timer and dual biocide control. Designed specifically for cooling tower applications, MicroVision offers as a standard, the features and functions required for accurate monitoring and control of cooling tower water. Toroidal conductivity probe technology offers many advantages over conventional means of… individual units Request price View

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