Multifunctional Steam Boiler Treatment


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WTPS879 is a multifunctional treatment for steam boilers. Based on a blend of amines and organic polymers S879 makes almost no contribution to boiler TDS and hence offers cost savings by reducing blowdown. Savings are made by reducing water usage, energy consumption and chemical treatments.

WTPS879 will scavenge oxygen, condition boiler sludge and provide condensate protection. It is effective in low, medium and high pressure boiler systems. This formulation exhibits favorable benefits and is effective for systems where cost effectiveness is a priority. This product will offer near and far end protection of the condensate system.

Product Data

Physical State Straw/yellow colour liquid with amine odour
Specific Gravity (SG) 1.003
pH >12

Treatment and Feeding Requirements

The dosage varies based on the concentration of free carbon dioxide in the steam generated by the breakdown of feedwater M alkalinity. Product can be dosed to the boiler water feed system.

Testing and Control

Neutralising amines are controlled by measuring the pH of a cooled condensate sample using either the colorimetric method or a standard pH meter (WTPTKC019). Field representatives will work closely with plant personnel to initiate and maintain effective control procedures.


Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions. 

  • Avoid contact with eyes, skin and clothing.
  • In case of contact, immediately remove contaminated clothing and wash skin with soap and water.
  • For eyes, flush with plenty of water and seek medical attention.
  • Harmful if swallowed.
  • Do not leave exposed to atmosphere. 
FEEDING WTPS879 can be dosed to systems using manual dosing pots or metering pumps. 


WTPS879 treatments are shipped in 25 litre and 200 litre non-returnable drums.


Field Representatives will work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls can be provided by qualified personnel.

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