WTP TraceR and PrimeLab Photometer Calculator




WTP TraceR can be used to calculate the size of your system on site without sending samples to a lab as previously was required when using Lithium Hydroxide.

Used for system sizes from 10,000L to 100,000L+.

Ideal for closed systems, pre-comm cleaning, cooling towers and many other applications.

WTP TraceR is environmentally safe and stable in systems.

WTP TraceR is used in conjunction with the PrimeLab photometer and TraceR adaptor.

1L of WTP TraceR added to a 10,000L (10m3) system will give a 100ppb TraceR result on the PrimeLab Photometer.

For every 10,000L of system volume 1L of WTP TraceR is required.

The result displayed will inform you whether your system is smaller or larger than your estimation and by how much. i.e. 30,000L system estimation with PrimeLab TraceR result of 120ppb would mean your actual system size is 20% smaller at 24,000L.

Correlation to give accurate System Volume of +/- 2%.


Please refer to material safety data sheet for detailed handling/storage instructions.


WTP TraceR is available in 1L Bottles. The entire contents must be used when calculating system size.  


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