Water Testing Strips


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Testing Strips for Water Analysis


A range of simple and convenient single use Testing Strips to measure various test parameters. All pots of test strips contain enough strips to carry out 50 tests unless otherwise stated.

Testing strip bottles have easy to read colour scales to determine correct concentrations.

Sanosil Sanostrips

Used for testing systems dosed with our Sanosil products.

Range: 0-200ppm


Further information on Sanostrips

Chlorine Dioxide Test Strips

We supply both high range and low range test strips.

Low range: 0-10ppm

Code: WTPTK132

High range: 0-500ppm

Code: WTPTK133

Further information on Chlorine Dioxide products

Chlorine Test Strips

Quick and easy to use; 50 test strips per pot. We provide two ranges – high and low range.

Low range: 0-10ppm

Code: WTPTK158

High range: 0-200ppm


Potassium Iodide Starch Papers

Test papers are easy to use, simply take one strip and dip into the water sample. The strong oxidising agents react with the potassium oxide to form elemental iodine which then reacts with the starch to formĀ a blue/violet complex indicating the presence of the oxidising agent used to treat the system.

Each pack contains 10 books of papers; 20 strips per book.




All pots of test strips contain enough strips to carry out 50 tests unless otherwise stated.


Field Representatives will work closely with customer personnel to assure the effective application of the water treatment programme. Regular service calls can be provided by qualified personnel.

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