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MicroVision Toroidal Conductivity Cooling Tower Controller


MicroVision is a microprocessor-based toroidal conductivity controller with selectable timer and dual biocide control. Designed specifically for cooling tower applications, MicroVision offers as a standard, the features and functions required for accurate monitoring and control of cooling tower water.

Toroidal conductivity probe technology offers many advantages over conventional means of conductivity measurement.

The MicroVision is a full function controller in a compact package that provides an economic and effective solution to the need for efficient cooling tower water control.

  • Toroidal conductivity sensor
  • Large graphical display with large, easy to read font
  • Simple four button user interface
  • Compact size
  • Selectable timer (limit, %, % post bleed, and water meter)
  • Dry contact/Hall Effect water meter input
  • Dual biocide with pre-bleed, lockout, inhibitor interface, and four programmable start times per biocide
  • Flow switch input
  • (3) drum level inputs
  • 4-20 mA isolated analogue output
  • Volt free alarm output
  • CE approved
  • IP56 enclosure
  • Battery backup

Flow Sensor Switch

The flow switch and tee assembly is available as an optional extra. If utilised, install the flow switch so that flow enters into the bottom of the flow switch tee, and out of the side of the tee. The flow switch must always be installed in a vertical position so that the sensor wire is coming out of the top, and the internal (red) flow shuttle is able to rise when there is flow and drop when there is no flow. The flow switch is activated when 3.8 litres/minute is going through it, and is deactivated when the flow drops below that figure

MicroVision Controllers

Power Supply 230V suitable for conduit connections

Item Code
Controller and conductivity sensor MVS2XXXXX
Controller, conductivity sensor and flow assembly MVS2XFXXX
Controller, conductivity sensor and flow assembly all pre-mounted on a backboard panel MVS2XAXXX





Individual units.


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