Sanosil NEW EPA Approval

Sanosil S010 (“silver peroxide solution”) and the Sanosil fogging units have been approved by the Environmental Protection Agency in the USA after work carried out by the Department of Home-Land Security – no less!!

The work showed that when office environments are fogged as a way of disinfection that electronic equipment is not effected.

The UK market has always been a bit reticent regarding biocide fogging and often only quaternary ammonia compounds were used. Now we have a proven alternative – please contact us for more details or visit the Sanosil web site

We are also pleased to inform all users that Sanosil products are the only Silver – stabilised hydrogen peroxide to be participating under the Biocidal Products Regulations (BPR). As you can imagine Sanosil have had to invest heavily in getting the appropriate data together to apply for this registration – but it does mean all WTP customers have access to a product that ticks all the boxes!!

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