Water Treatment Chemicals

Water Treatment Products Ltd formulate and manufacture an extensive range of high quality industrial and commercial water treatment chemicals. We have in excess of 200 tried and tested formulations available to prevent corrosion, scaling and fouling in water systems. Whatever your requirements are, we will have the solution.

Biocides Oxidising & Non-Oxidising


Whether you’re looking for oxidising biocides to help attack microorganisms or non-oxidising biocides for industrial use, such as controlling legionella species, TVC or algae, we can help. For more info call us on 01495 792790

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Cleaning Treatments


Our range of powerful industrial cleaning products and chemical formulations provide thorough descaling and are ideal for use in pre-commission cleaning procedures. We can provide effective chemical cleaning formulations for the cleansing of all water tanks and systems, duct work and associated systems.

Acid and alkali-based cleaners and degreasers are safe for use in kitchens, bathrooms and water tanks. Wherever powerful cleaning power is required, we can provide guidance on the correct chemical treatment to suit your needs.

Order from a range of both solid and liquid chemical cleaning agents.

To learn more or request a price for any of our descaling products, please shop the selection below or call us on 01495 792790.

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Cooling Tower Water Treatments


Water Treatment Products can provide expert advice on chemical solutions to be used in the effective treatment of your cooling tower system.

Effective cleaning solutions are critical in ensuring the longevity and optimal efficiency of the heat exchange system. By removing scale and excess product deposits and inhibiting the growth of microbial organisms within the system.

Our products are effective in the reduction of both fungi and harmful bacteria such as that which causes Legionella or Legionnaires’ disease. They’ll also help prevent corrosion forming within the system and promote efficient operation of the cooling tower.

To discuss your requirements and take advantage of our expert advice contact us on 01495 792790.

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Closed Circuit Water Chemicals


To suit the conditions in your heating and chilled systems, closed circuit systems need to be treated correctly. Our comprehensive range of closed system chemicals offer corrosion prevention, as well as protection from scale and microbiological fouling.

Our range of closed circuit specific biocides and inhibitors produce quick and efficient results. Maximising the efficiency of your closed-circuit system by removing foulants contributing to impaired flow and reduced heat transfer.

Our chemicals are for use in cooling systems, chillers and closed circuit hot water systems. We can provide ‘own label’ solutions and toll blending services to order.

Do you require large quantity orders for use in commercial HVAC cleaning? We can supply the quantities you require blended to order.

Browse our product selection below. If you are having trouble finding the correct solution for your requirements or if you have any questions, please call our experts directly on 01495 792790

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Steam Boiler Water Treatment


We manufacture an extensive range of steam boiler water treatment chemicals for the prevention of corrosion and scale formation.

Fouling or excessive deposition impedes the flow rate of your boilers feedwater. Our product range of boiler chemicals includes oxygen scavengers, polymers, phosphates, alkalinity builders and condensate line protection to ensure your steam boiler works perfectly. From chemicals to boiler feedwater test kits, our aim is to provide an all-encompassing service.

Shop our range of boiler water treatments below or contact our friendly team direct on 01495 792790.

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