Chlorolox kills all harmful microbes

Chloro-Lox is a formulated solution of highly effective stable halogen chemistry used for the control of harmful microbes – including legionella and pseudomonas – and removal of biofilms.  Based on the well-known and well used stabilized Hypochlorous acid molecule (Chlorine Cl2,) the product has an excellent track record for fast effective control. The product is stabilized to offer a long shelf life with consistent activity.

Chloro-Lox is ideal for use in industrial and domestic water hygiene and pipework treatment applications, where it is effective against water-borne bacteria e.g. Legionella and Pseudomonas – indeed anywhere legionella and other water borne microbes are likely to thrive.

Water Treatment Products expects sales of Chloro-Lox to be buoyant as user experience its efficacy at wiping out pathogens from their water systems.

Practical research has shown Chloro-Lox to be fast acting; with regular use of the product means pathogens don’t return to water systems.  This product has helped a number of customers eliminate Legionella and pseudomonas problems from their water systems within days of being introduced.

Customers include various hospitals, international food companies, government departments and various leisure facilities.

Water Treatment Products’ Director, Tim Carter says its new product Chloro-Lox kills harmful water borne microbes including Legionella and pseudomonas.

Tim has spent over 20 years in the industrial water treatment marked and is well-known as the inventor of a number of recognised products widely used in the water treatment industry.

“Chloro-Lox has been developed to fight against Legionella and other water borne bacteria; it has the potential to save lives.”  Read more…


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