June 2012: Water Treatment Products Ltd. Continues to Grow

Water Treatment Products has experienced 18% growth over the past 12 months – this positive endorsement from our customers has led to increased production and sales.

Tim Carter comments: “Turnover for Water Treatment Products Ltd is now in excess of £5 million pounds; this is outstanding. Whilst we believe that we offer industry leading value, service and technical back up, it is always the customer that has the final say. We would like to offer our thanks to all of our customers.

“Future plans at our manufacturing plant include extending production capability; by 2013 production capability for blended products will have increased to 5000MT per annum.”

“New water treatment products  are being developed by the company and  includes Solid Chemicals,  ‘WTP Green Clean’ – a neutral pH fully biodegradable pre-commission cleaning agent designed to de rust pipework internal surfaces, ‘WTP Green Clean‘ will remove iron oxide and mill scale from new pipework systems.” he adds

“Water Treatment Products is investing in the future so that we are in the best possible position to assist water treatment companies and the pool & spa industries to meet their requirements and obligations.”

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