May 2013: WTP Customers Delighted with Range of Solid Chemicals

Pioneering customers of Water Treatment Products solid chemicals have reported excellent feedback from the field, despite inital sceptism  – the evidence is overwhelming. Solid chemicals for water treatment in cooling towers, boilers and cooling water systems are formulated and manufactured in our UK facility.

Initially customers were sceptical. The evidence is that the solid chemicals are performing well and our valued customers very pleased. Midlands based water treatment company says “We decided to give the new solid chemicals manufactured in the UK by Water Treatment Products a trial – we are so delighted with the environmental impact of transportation, handling and performance of the solid chemicals that we have placed a repeat order and plan to use the solid chemistry on more of our customer sites.”

Excellent support from WTP technical staff and our in-house chemists, who have been involved throughout the development and manufacturing of the solid chemicals, is offered with our products.

For further details visit our ‘Solid Chemicals’ web area where you can view the full range now being manufactured together with solids dispensers for use with our solid chemistry.

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